About Me

Health Coach
Nutritional Therapist


Hello everyone!

My name is Olga Jaffe. I am a Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist.

Let me tell you about myself!

This is my second successful career. Many years ago, I was an Investment Banker, and worked for one of the biggest international banking groups, BNP Paribas in their office in Moscow, Russia. I was their youngest ever Chief Financial Officer.  

One beautiful summer morning, my brilliant career in banking was interrupted by another joyful event – the birth of my first child. As a high-ranking investment banker, I had worked 24/7 throughout my pregnancy and was still receiving business calls in the delivery room of the maternity hospital.

Unfortunately my son was born prematurely, then moved to a hospital specialising in the care of premature babies and put on life support. I had to choose between my career and my baby boy. I am sure you can guess the choice I made…

Later, in his first year, my son was diagnosed with various chronic illnesses. He had several neuro-developmental conditions and a severe eating disorder, where his body struggled to keep food down. My loving heart refused to accept the diagnosis of conventional medical; that his diseases were incurable.

I decided that, if conventional medicine was unable to help him, I would investigate alternative medicine. And that’s how my journey into naturopathy and so-called functional medicine began.

I read a great number of books about my son’s diseases and disorders. I attended courses on naturopathy, nutritional medicine, diet-based therapy, hypnotherapy and aromatherapy, foot massage, NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and many more. I started to put into practice my newly-acquired knowledge.

It was not an easy, smooth or successful journey. I made errors and experienced various disappointments along the way, but eventually my 10 to 12 years of hard and persistent work finally paid off: my son’s condition started to improve.

By the time my son’s condition started to improve I came to the realisation that all my acquired experience, knowledge and expertise could be useful to help other children and their parents who find themselves in the same desperate situation as I was, over 20 years ago.

I was prepared for my new challenge!

So I became a trustee at Rusfond UK, one of the biggest charities which works with children who have cancer and other rare diseases. I worked there for ten years.

And then the pandemic happened. I realised that having seen so much suffering, illness and hardship, I wanted to focus on preventative medicine.

I decided to broaden my professional horizons: I continued my education at CNM (the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London) and then at the College of Living Nutrition.

Thus I became a Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist.


So that’s my story until now…

My son is in his early 20s now. He is currently studying at the University of Chicago, majoring in Economics and Eastern European Studies. He is also taking a third major, the ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Course) at the University of Illinois, Chicago. 

In the summer, he got a job as Head of Division in military intelligence. After an extremely challenging assessment, he was ranked in the top 3% in his division, and in the top 10% of the entire United States. His report stated that he has unlimited potential and has advised him to enroll in the army. His future is looking very promising.


And as for myself….

Currently, I specialise in promoting a healthy lifestyle, longevity and wellbeing.
I also write a monthly health column for New Style magazine in London, and give regular lectures in collaboration with different institutions.

What makes my approach unique?

How to make healthier choices, what to eat, how to exercise, how to improve your lifestyle, isn’t always straightforward. It sounds so simple, yet it can be very difficult without proper guidance and support. This is exactly where a health coach can have a profound impact.

My goal is to support you in realigning your priorities in life, which will enable you to achieve your best possible health. You will learn to love and treat yourself with kindness and self-care, gradually developing healthier habits in a sustainable way. 

I will support you in making holistic changes, tailored to fit your lifestyle, no matter where you are on this journey. I offer guidance through deep listening techniques and evaluative assessments.  

All my health-coaching services are bespoke.

I will help you create exactly the right lifestyle for you.

I will support you in implementing these new lifestyle choices.

I will help you overcome any resistance to change that you may experience.

I offer a collaborative approach to help you build new healthy habits.

I equip you with the knowledge, tools and confidence to enable you to make choices based on your values.  

You will improve your capacity to self-manage effectively.

I work at a pace that suits you. We all know that dramatic or significant changes to our diet and lifestyle are unsustainable in the long term. This is why New Year’s Resolutions are sometimes difficult to keep! Or why we occasionally procrastinate after a consultation with a nutritionist! 



See What My Happy Clients Have to Say

I was under a lot of stress and it was affecting many parts of my life and health. I needed someone to talk to about how to deal with the stress and get my life back. Olga helped me find my own self-motivation. The health coaching program is brilliant and it has completely changed how I live. Olga's personal touch adds to the many other benefits. This isn’t only about diet, it’s about a lifestyle change, and learning about what is good for you and how to maintain a good attitude towards a healthy life. Recommended Olga's coaching program to everyone I talk to about how to make a change!
I was under a lot of stress and it was affecting me. I was not paying attention to my diet, I was eating a lot of unhealthy food and sugars, and together with stress it was affecting my blood pressure. I needed someone to talk to about how to deal with the problem and get my life back. Olga helped me find my own self-motivation. It was helpful having someone unbiased to talk to who had only my health goals in mind. Olga helped me a lot to understand what I can do to improve my diet and lifestyle and motivate me to do it. I have a much better blood pressure and I'm eating healthy food now. I really appreciate all that Olga has done for me. Thank you for thinking of me as a whole person, your encouragement and your patience.
Best thing I’ve ever done! Couldn’t recommend Olga more. Her program is a life changer. The recipes and Olga's approach are fantastic and are tailored for you. Olga goes through every step with you and she encourages you all the way through your program. If you want to feel happy, healthier, fitter, motivated, if you want to sleep better and be awesome then this is what you need. I used to be such a fussy eater but now I find myself trying and enjoying all sorts of foods I have never had before. The plan is great! Changing the way you eat, look and feel always is hard, but if you remain consistent it is so worth it!! My blood pressure is perfect now and my cholesterol levels are finally balanced. 100% recommended!
As Olga’s patient I am very impressed with her ability to handle every difficult and stressful situations extremely well. She took away my worries and made me feel secure and relaxed when others could not. First of all, the programs are done under Olga’s careful daily supervision. It is not just a diet, she gives you knowledge of your body and what it needs to achieve a perfect stage of health and well-being. I did the work alongside with scrupulous and very careful Olga’s supervision during the whole program. There is no doubt, Olga is a brilliant professional who cares about her client first, that’s why we achieve our goals with her. She is always here for you, 24/7, never insists on her point of view, never pushes you. She is the supervisor who leads you to your success, step by step. She is so good and gentle in explaining what is good for your health, what will balance your body and mind and when you follow all her recommendations, they work perfectly. Olga gives me so much energy with her very enthusiastic approach. She inspires and motivates me. She always says the right words at the right time. Please be assured that on her program you wouldn’t be starving, on the contrary, you will eat well, healthy and tasty food and loose weight! Olga gave me my life back. I am happy, healthy, confident and vibrant again. I highly recommend Olga as a health coach.
I am very grateful to Olga for her fantastic work with me. I’ve learned a lot about health and nutrition. After suffering long Covid I developed a whole range of symptoms I didn’t know how to deal with. They were gastrointestinal tract problems, dermatitis, blepharitis, depression, insomnia and many more. Olga advised me on my diet and monitored the situation for the following three months. It was very difficult at first to change my habits and preferences, sometimes I felt law and useless but Olga was always in touch and supported me on every step of my journey. She provided me with information on both food and how to make healthy food choices, gave me knowledge on how the body works and why I am experiencing my symptoms and how to improve them. She provided me with menus and right food preparation strategies. Within a week I have got my first result, it cheered me up and motivated me to carry on. Five months later I am a healthy person again. I am very grateful to Olga for her patience with me, her passion to do the best for the client and for the fact that she never gives up. I like her attention to details and her approach overall. She is a top professional and a very nice and kind person too. She is highly recommended! The effectiveness of Olga’s work comes from her use of detailed and clear language while explaining the nutritional value of foods, as well as telling you which ones are the most beneficial for you. Furthermore, she helps to integrate the new diet into your everyday life by suggesting a variety of diverse meals from which the patient can choose, making the transition feel the utmost comfortable.
When I first consulted Olga, I was in critical and highly stressful acute health problem. I needed help urgently as my conditions could become life threatening. Thought I couldn’t be at the hospital due to family circumstances. Olga immediately took me on board, did assessment and was in contact with me few times daily, supporting, revising my each meal, adapting strategy on daily basis depending on my improvement. She gave me natural remedies, day routine, balanced meals and supplements for my conditions and I started slowly improving. Month later I couldn’t believe that I not only managed to avoid emergency hospitalisation with my severe liver problem but also improved other underlying conditions I was struggling with for a long time. I was also suffering from significant weight loss. Surprisingly, gaining weight is much more difficult than losing it. Thanks to Olga, I stopped loosing weight and slowly started gaining enough to maintain a healthy body mass. The effectiveness of Olga’s work comes from her use of detailed and clear language while explaining the nutritional value of foods, as well as telling you which ones are the most beneficial for you. Furthermore, she helps to integrate the new diet into your everyday life by suggesting a variety of diverse meals from which the patient can choose, making the transition feel the utmost comfortable.
It was very important for me to find a specialist who would not only work with me and prescribe standard protocols for everyone but would find what best works for me. Olga is a real professional in this regard, she is very thoughtful, knowledgeable, able to find a solution to everyone and every problem, gently and confidently convince you of the need to change your eating habits and lifestyle. Thanks to Olga, I changed my diet and began to feel so much better after so many years of unsuccessful work with other specialists. First I came to Olga with digestive tract issues and after the first week of working together, I realised what was wrong with my diet and nutrition. I learned how to choose the best foods for me and how to eat. I began to eat less sugary foods and improved my diet and finally got rid of my underlying conditions. All my symptoms improved. I am very happy and grateful to Olga and her health coaching program. I have learned so much and improved the quality of my life enormously. She is highly recommended!